Do you feel like you are busting your butt in the gym and just seeing no results? Then it’s time to consider your diet, and by this I don’t mean “going on a diet” … just simply looking at your eating habits and changing them up for healthier ones that are going to support all the hard work you’re clocking in during your workouts!

It’s so important to remember that in order for your body to recover properly from exercise and reap the rewards of a good workout, you need to put the cleanest possible fuel in your tank… if not how can you expect to walk a few blocks, let alone run them without your engine conking out?

What you eat can either add to or take away from your exercise benefits, and if you’re devoting the time to workout, you want to know how to harness your meals to support your efforts, not detract from them.

Here are 7 simple ways eating well will improve your exercise outcomes and health in general:

  • You will recover from exercise more efficiently.
  • You will build lean muscle, while losing fat at the same time, giving you that sleek and toned figure. Also the more lean mass you gain, the more fat your body burns at rest.
  • You will have sustained energy levels due to consistent blood sugar levels.
  • You will have a clear mind, more mental focus and an enhanced mood.
  • Your fitness levels and overall health will improve.
  • Your relationship with your body will improve.
  • You will have more appreciation for your health and the ability of your body when you allow it to reach your full potential.